It’s been a while…

While listening to The New York Times on Audible, the bombing and killings around the nation linked to possible terrorism.  Isn’t the definition of terrorism something that causes terror.  Whether they were born here or somewhere else, Muslim, Christian, Or any other religious affiliation, black , white, green or purple people that cause terror in those around them are terrorist.  Or is that just me?


Top 5 Passions

Here are some of the things I would like to accomplish:

  1. Learn to draw
  2. Learn German
  3. Be more focus… squirrel
  4. Complete a cross stitch project
  5. Keep a clean house

Some may seem minor and easy but I have worked on these for a while.  Some are coming across nicely… like trying to become more focused (using the lumosity app every morning), completing a cross stitch project (working for about 15 mins a day) and keeping a clean house (Flylady) …and others are a little more difficult.  I will be attending a local community college to learn German and drawing next Spring.  That is after I finish my accounting course this Fall.

Any suggestions welcomed!

A little about me

Here I am… Hearing about blogs and trying to figure out what this is all about.  So, of course, I am going to jump in and give this a try.  Maybe I am falling into the trap of society… We’ll see. 

I am a princess, of sorts.  My Dad still calls me his princess even though I am almost 30.  I am still obsessed with all things Disney, especially the Disney Princesses… Let’s be honest, I am obsessed with all things princess.

I am also really into crafting.  I wish I could do more but I get lazy and super sidetracked and never finish a project.  My goal is to walk through actually finishing a project. 

Also, I am a little more crazy than most women so there may just be a post that I go Post-al, haha, pun intended.

With all that being said it is no surprise that I am still unmarried despite not being physically deformed… and the adventures begin!